Trip Requirements

Packing for a trip can be a nightmare because of strict weight checks that airlines place on your baggage. The weight, more often than not, quickly adds up especially if you include imaging gear like cameras, power bricks and other accessories. At The Endless Safaris, we provide you with a break down all the necessary pre-travel checks you need while taking a trip with us. It is important to read through this section keenly to make your trip as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

on arrival

Holders of US passports must have in their possession:


There are no vaccinations required to enter Kenya. However, for Your own personal health, we recommend that you make sure your Tetanus vaccination is up to date.

Malaria prevention medication is highly recommended. There are a couple of different types to choose from and your doctor should help you make that choice. This will require a prescription from your doctor.





Laundry service is available at all hotels and camps. In some camps, laundry is included at no extra charge.  Where an added cost might be required, we will advise in advance.

power requirements

Electricity output in Kenya is 220 volts.  If you have electrical equipment which must be plugged into a receptacle, you will need a converter kit (Type G). This includes equipment that needs to be recharged. It is advisable that you bring extra batteries if you are bringing battery operated equipment. To charge batteries, phones, laptops and other electronic devices, you will need a standard Kenya plug adapter.

Examples of a Type G Socket and Adapter. More Information ➜


Kenya is usually 7-8 hours ahead of New York depending on the season. The local time is usually set to GMT +3. You can find more information on timezone setup here ➜


Make two copies of the information page of your passport.  Leave one at home with the page of contact phone numbers and put the other one in a piece of luggage other than the one in which you carry your passport.

Telephone contact

The easiest and cheapest way to call home is to use Elly’s or your Safari Guides cell phone.  It is also the easiest way for someone at home to contact you if need be.  Our Kenya phone numbers are:

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contact information

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