Здоровье и окружающая среда

2017 - 2020

Проект ЕС. Проект направлен на повышение потенциала местных общественных организаций в Таджикистане по безопасному обращению с пестицидами, исследование объектов токсического загрязнения в Таджикистане, а также демонстрационную очистку складов пестицидов. .

Tailor-made itinerary by your personal guide for the ultimate independent-travel experience for individuals, families and/or groups.

We arrange special interest safaris, such as and not limited to photography, conservation, culture immersion, paleontology and safaris with a practical philanthropic experience for families, small groups or large groups.

We have a wide range of fun activities for those yearning to experience more. This can include; scenic flights, horseback riding, biking, trekking, fly camping, fishing, mountain climbing and much more.

Do you want your children to experience the world, and get in touch with their spirit of adventure – all while having an absolute ball while on Safari with The Endless Safaris? Do you want a fun, hassle-free family adventure packed with tailored activities and cultural experiences?  Talk to us about designing an unforgettable holiday for your family.

Africa is a destination filled with once-in-a-lifetime safari experiences. So much is on offer; from hot air balloon flights over the breath-taking Great Migration experience, to trekking into the secret emerald world of the rainforests to encounter gorillas.

Moreover, our Safari adventures span from family friendly safaris, photographic safaris, luxury mobile safaris to Fly-in safaris.

What is your ‘Dream African Safari’ Experience? Browse our selection of experiences or enquire with a safari expert to begin your experience!


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